Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Old Cakes

If you are wandering why so many posts in so short there are 2 reasons
1. i just started and am a bit over-eager/ trying to get it properly started
2. im on study leave with only 1 subject to study over like a month and we are all pretty bored (im not really a swatter to be honest just do an all-nighter the night before ENERGY DRINKS ROCK! and no im not high on energy drinks atm just excitable...VERY excitable... ;-) lol)

So I decided to do a posst showing you all my previous creations - you know the stuff i made when technology wasnt so advanced and people werent blogging - you know in my day...(jokes this is not my grandmas blog!)

So here goes...mostly cakes..i havent got photos of them all just a few that i took when i could be bothered...

ABOVE: cupcakes with buttercream icing

ABOVE: Racetrack cake I made it for a little boy who adored it
I got the idea from Carol Deacans book "Perfect Party Cakes..." http://www.amazon.co.uk/Perfect-Party-Cakes-Made-decorate/dp/1843304740 check it out...

Three tier birthday cake (one of my first so not so great...)

bits of cakes (sorry about the one on the left i dont know where half the picture went lol maybe the computer ate it - that was a very sad "my-dad-style-joke i apologise!!)

Anyway i hope you liked them comment to let me know or to ask any questions on them ...

Until next time... Au revoir!

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