Tuesday, 14 June 2011


so...yesterday i made cake pops for my nephews birthday!! he is like the cutest child ever and he is turning 1 so i had to make him a special treat... since his party is teddy bear themed i decided to make some teddy bear shaped pops (and some not)....

 So if you want the "how to" then keep reading...

OK so firstly I have seen alot of cake pops before and they never seem to be quite so smooth when coated (theres usually some lumps ruining it) so i decided to crumble my basic white cake in a magimix rather than by hand since this would create finer crumbs and let me tell you IT WORKED - the cake pops were so smooth and perfect - look!

Next I made a basic buttercream - I used margarine, milk and icing sugar (no specific amounts just varying the quantities until i got the desired consistency) if you prefer to follow an exact recipe then check this out...

I then rolled the cake mix into balls (and some smaller balls for the teddy ears)...
Melted the chocolate...
Dipped the lollypop sticks into the chocolate and then halfway through the cake balls (the chocolate  secures the sticks) I also stuck the ears on this way..
then i froze them for 15 minutes

I melted half white and half dark chocolate - it gave a very nice consistency, however, i am sure milk chocolate would also or candy melts if you can get them which i cant :-(

Then just dip them in the melted chocolate
Coat well
Tap off the excess
and stand up in some foam if you can..

I hope you liked my cake pops and instructions - although next time i will try taking photos whilst making them as well to give detailed step by step instructions

PLEASE COMMENT and leave any requests so i can try do what YOU want! Also send me photos if you try this too - im sure they will look fabulous! Another idea would be to decorate the teddy bear faces using smal smarties for noses etc...

Here is how I decorated the other - it is quite a fancy look more "weddingy" all i did was zigzag some plain white chocolate over the balls - so easy and so elegant!


  1. Great blog, and good on you for starting one!! I am hopeless at making cake pops, so thanks for posting yours!! They are so nice and smooth, and I'm glad you use chocolate instead of candy melts to coat them.

    Bronnie xx

    Ps... You should put an email sbscription thing in the sidebar so that people can subscrbe!

  2. AnonymousJune 24, 2011

    So nice i love it!

    I like your idea to make them smooth

    Thank you for sharing