Thursday, 16 June 2011


So today I finished my last GCSE - as in no more!! EVERRR!!!
...until next year when the A-levels start :-(

but forget that and back to happy thoughts!! EVERRRR! lol so i thought that this is definately a reason to celebrate so as promised we are celebrating with mint chocolate brownies (definition: moist brownies with mint icing and glazed with chocolate - ooh fancy ;-0)

So keep reading to see how I made them....

1 cup flour
3/4 cup cocoa
2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons syrup - to make them delicious and sticky!
1 cup oil
4 eggs

so start over by mixing it all together - did i mention it was that simple - check out the cute little twin egg i found

So yeah mix it but dont overbeat it because you want the whole sugar granules to keep it nice and sticky...

it should look something along these lines

then place into a greased dish - for the first time ever i baked my mint brownies in my dish which seperateds the brownies so that they all get nice crust - bad move - it was good at first but got hard to use with the icing and chocolate so i wouldnt suggest it for this

Bake until an inserted toothpick comes out clean (approximately 30 minutes at 180 degrees celcius)

then if you have a camera - DONT LET IT DIE ON YOU
but it did so sorry no more photos until after its charged up...:-(

make buttercream icing add 1 teaspoon / a capful mint essence - and a few drops green colouring to get the mint coulour
I guess these would also look effective if you used orange or strawberry flavour coloured that coulour in this case orange or pink - but i think green is the coolest

you must wait till the cake has cooled before spreading on the icing - freeze for a bit until the icing is solid although this isnt 100% necessary

Then pour on your melted chocolate - mi used a double boiler

When its all done cut it up nicely and voila!
you may want to keep some plain they are soo good!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Old Cakes

If you are wandering why so many posts in so short there are 2 reasons
1. i just started and am a bit over-eager/ trying to get it properly started
2. im on study leave with only 1 subject to study over like a month and we are all pretty bored (im not really a swatter to be honest just do an all-nighter the night before ENERGY DRINKS ROCK! and no im not high on energy drinks atm just excitable...VERY excitable... ;-) lol)

So I decided to do a posst showing you all my previous creations - you know the stuff i made when technology wasnt so advanced and people werent blogging - you know in my day...(jokes this is not my grandmas blog!)

So here goes...mostly cakes..i havent got photos of them all just a few that i took when i could be bothered...

ABOVE: cupcakes with buttercream icing

ABOVE: Racetrack cake I made it for a little boy who adored it
I got the idea from Carol Deacans book "Perfect Party Cakes..." check it out...

Three tier birthday cake (one of my first so not so great...)

bits of cakes (sorry about the one on the left i dont know where half the picture went lol maybe the computer ate it - that was a very sad "my-dad-style-joke i apologise!!)

Anyway i hope you liked them comment to let me know or to ask any questions on them ...

Until next time... Au revoir!


I didnt think that I was going to do "cookings stuff" but I went to make my parents a fat free soup earlier - feeling bad for my dad who is being forced to eat greens only during the in-between meals...
i hate it when they "diet" - no yummy treats in the house!! thats why i bake so
but dont worry give it a week - make that 2 days - until the folks realise that a good waist line isnt worth saying not to a good chocolate brownie (or 8)....

So as I was saying today I will show y'all how to make 100% fat free and shockingly enough its also 100% delicious soup! Having said that you should know that I'm not the type of girl who likes all soup - I'm pretty fussy - only chicken soup, mushroom soup and this soup - for me so its gotta be pretty OK at least!

And as promised photos throughout for a step by step "tutorial" on how to make this... i dont know what to call it...butternut? sweet potato? onion? carrot? soup it has all that in so??? any ideas? i guess for now we'll call it orangey soup (its orange in colour) doesnt sound so appealing so any name suggestions will be appreciated!

OK step 1:
Get together the ingredients...

Sweet potato
Broth/ Hot water mixed with soup mix until it tastes right...

any amounts will do - depending on taste preferences..this is what i used

so cut up all your veg...

first fry the onions in a bit of oil

add the veg to the pot

cover veg with the broth and add any spice. Cover the pot and leave to simmer

anyway when you are done (i.e the veg is all soft and cooked) you use a hand mixer? blender? again im stuck for words - at home we just call it a jujjer lol....

for a professional finish pour on some cream and sprinkle some croutons over...
I will get a photo of my finished product although i think we are out of cream so might be missing that...

COME BACK SOON BECAUSE NEXT TIME WE'LL BE MAKING CHOCOLATE MINT BROWNIES (YUM!) heres a photo of one we have left in the freezer - it freezes well but looks so much better fresh...


so...yesterday i made cake pops for my nephews birthday!! he is like the cutest child ever and he is turning 1 so i had to make him a special treat... since his party is teddy bear themed i decided to make some teddy bear shaped pops (and some not)....

 So if you want the "how to" then keep reading...

OK so firstly I have seen alot of cake pops before and they never seem to be quite so smooth when coated (theres usually some lumps ruining it) so i decided to crumble my basic white cake in a magimix rather than by hand since this would create finer crumbs and let me tell you IT WORKED - the cake pops were so smooth and perfect - look!

Next I made a basic buttercream - I used margarine, milk and icing sugar (no specific amounts just varying the quantities until i got the desired consistency) if you prefer to follow an exact recipe then check this out...

I then rolled the cake mix into balls (and some smaller balls for the teddy ears)...
Melted the chocolate...
Dipped the lollypop sticks into the chocolate and then halfway through the cake balls (the chocolate  secures the sticks) I also stuck the ears on this way..
then i froze them for 15 minutes

I melted half white and half dark chocolate - it gave a very nice consistency, however, i am sure milk chocolate would also or candy melts if you can get them which i cant :-(

Then just dip them in the melted chocolate
Coat well
Tap off the excess
and stand up in some foam if you can..

I hope you liked my cake pops and instructions - although next time i will try taking photos whilst making them as well to give detailed step by step instructions

PLEASE COMMENT and leave any requests so i can try do what YOU want! Also send me photos if you try this too - im sure they will look fabulous! Another idea would be to decorate the teddy bear faces using smal smarties for noses etc...

Here is how I decorated the other - it is quite a fancy look more "weddingy" all i did was zigzag some plain white chocolate over the balls - so easy and so elegant!

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Welcome to my blog. Im starting this to  keep track of my baking and decorating attempts and hopefully give inspiration to you other bakers out there. My blog will focus on fun, creative and crowd pleasing treats that you can make for the people YOU love...

 You’ll find ideas for cakes, cake pops, pies, ice creams, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and more. I am always on the lookout for fab new recipes that cant compare teh the "norm" so keep coming to check out what i have found and please share any of your famous and fabulous recipes. I love to try new things so if you have a request please let me know (atm i also have an open ear for any blogging advice you have on how to keep this page fun and working well since this is my first attempt ever - with no expertise in the field although i have my ICT gcse this thursday...yay?) You may find yourself in the kitchen more than usual once you see what you CAN create....

I like my food to be 50% sinful and 100% delicious - its a food thing i have a good metabolism...for now (btw that was a genuine typing error - food instead of good but seeing as this is a food blog theres no need to fix it...)

I really hope you will like my blog and message me any requests which i will try and do and come back every once in a while to see whats new...!